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Sep 23, 2010 1:00pm EDT
of all of this. >> ali, what the common thread is between all of the polls you cited. mike castle, the congressman here in washington, d.c. would have won that republican primary last week. had he won, our polls showed that he would be up 18 points right now over the democrat coons in delaware. we're seeing a double digit deficit for christine o'donnell. however, by and large, ali, as you said, very good numbers for republicans. they've had the opportunity for knocking off an incumbent. russ feingold first electioned in 1992. that would be a huge win up in wisconsin. they also have the opportunity of picking up that colorado seat which seemed to be turning democrat. they also had the opportunity, of course, to pick up that pennsylvania seat. that was arlen specter's seat, the republican who turned democrat. all in all, pretty good news for republicans looking at those polls. >> let me ask you something. let's talk about delaware for a second. in case our viewers may have missed the context, christine o'donnell beat another republican who was polling higher than the democrat in tha
Sep 1, 2010 12:05am PDT
minutes with shaquille o'neal, ali the bachelorette and roberto, jake byrd saves lindsay lohan, and you tube sensation basil marceauw. x. male voice: ooh! green tea with citrus. i could use a lift. you gonna finish that? hmm? well, how 'bout that? dude, fish have ears, you know. announcer: lipton--drink on the bright side. fish: sheesh. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- shaquille o'neal. "the bachelorette," ali fedotowsky. and roberto martinez. jake byrd saves lindsay lohan. and youtube sensation basil marceaux. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, it's my pleasure to inform you, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, that's very nice of you. thanks for coming. thank you for watching. it's a real rice krispy treat to have you here tonight with us. welcome to "the bachelorette" after the after the after the rose special. hour nine of our ongoing coverage here of abc. i'm your host chris harrison. thank you for tuning in. as you know, tonight, the emotional finale of "the bachelorette." and i'm going
Sep 1, 2010 12:20am EDT
, and bachelorette ali and roberto, assuming they haven't already broken up. "jimmy kimme gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone? gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks! gecko: no, no i got it, sir. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> finally tonight, after destroying rooftops and knocking out power in the caribbean, hurricane earl is grinding relentlessly closer to the north carolina coast, and that is where this giant category 4 storm is expected to make landfall later this week. packing 160-mile-per-hour gusts of wind, and enough rain to potentially endanger the evacuation routes. from there, forecasters say earl will sweep up the east coast, hitting beaches just on the eve of the labo
Sep 1, 2010 12:20am EDT
kimmel. >> jimmy: shaquille o'neal, basil marceau, and bachelorette ali and roberto, assuming they >>> finally tonight, after destroying rooftops and knocking out power in the caribbean, hurricane earl is grinding relentlessly closer to the north carolina coast, and that is where this giant category 4 storm is expected to make landfall later this week. packing 160-mile-per-hour gusts of wind, and enough rain to potentially endanger the evacuation routes. from there, forecasters say earl will sweep up the east coast, hitting beaches just on the eve of the labor day weekend. a hurricane watch is in effect tonight for north carolina and be sure to watch "good morning america" tomorrow for the latest on this big storm. but that's our report for tonight. for all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> dicky: tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> jimmy: wow. are all your clothes custom snaed have you ever walked into a store and purchased something off the rack? >> not even underwear. they don't make it that big. >> jimmy: you don't arrest snooki. it's like arrested the sun for ri
Sep 27, 2010 1:00pm EDT
bran, but it does sound good. thanks a lot. >>> "cnn newsroom" continues right now with ali velshi. >>> drew, thanks very much. you have a good afternoon. drew said, i'm ali velshi. for the next two hours and every day i'll guide you through the maze of information coming your way. together we will learn what is going on at home and around the world. you'll get access to the folks who can best explain what the news today means and its impact beyond today. i'll showcase the best ideas in innovation, philanthropy and public education. my mission, figure out what is going on around the world, thousand fits into your life. get started right now. we're following two major developing stories this hour. coming your way, backhoes and bulldozers up and running again in israeli settlements in the west bank and they're casting a dusty cloud over the peace process. will the resumed construction talks derail -- will the resumed construction derail the peace talks. >>> also two discount airlines announcing plans to tie the knot on the same week continental and united states become one airline. w
Sep 22, 2010 1:00pm EDT
newsroom" ali velshi in new york city. >> tony, i miss you in person. >> come on back. >> i'm going to come back. i miss you. >> have a great show. >>> as tony said, i'm ali velshi. i'm here for the next two hours today and every day. i'm going to guide you through that maze of information. you'll get access to folks who can best explain what it means today, the impact beyond today. you know what we do on the show. we showcase the best ideas in innovation, philanthropy and public education. i'm going to help you figure out what is going on around you and how it figures into your life. i've got a brand new rundown. here's what's on it. >>> the family table, it can do a lot more than fill your belly, it might keep your kids off drugs. i've got results of a new study that might change your dinner plans. >>> plus, new technology that might change the way you eat outside your home. especially if you have any kind of restricted diet or know anyone who does. or if you're like me you travel so much, you want to eat better. you will never look at a restaurant menu the same again. >>> will the first
Sep 29, 2010 1:00pm EDT
. there are rules oun civil cases are done. goodness, look what the network dragged in. ali velshi. >> t.j., i have such fun watching you do the show, i don't feel like coming back some days. t.j. holmes have a fantastic afternoon. i'm ali velshi here with you the next two hours today and every weekday guiding through through the maze of information coming your together together we'll learn what's going on around the world and at home. those who can explain what it means today and the impact beyond today. my mission is to help you figure out how what's going on around the world fits into your life. let's get started right now. here's what i've got on the rundown. >>> for six months now a personal internet campaign waged against a young man. openly gay student body president of the university of michigan. what is really surprising here is the person who's waging it. a top state official who helps enforce laws. >>> plus, a sign of how bad the recent recession was. among the biggest cities in the united states, only one saw a rise in median income. only one. what was that city doing right? we'll find
Sep 2, 2010 1:00pm EDT
treatment on all of those top stories with ali velshi at the top of the hour. cnn news room continues right now with ali velshi in new york city. doctor, it's all yours. >> you've had a busy couple of hours. we're going to carry on where you dropped off. two major stories that we're following right now. the first one is the hurricane. we're going to continue to be your hurricane headquarters. we're tracking hurricane earl by the second. it's a powerful category four storm closing in on the north carolina coast. let me give you some perspective on this. that storm is now larger than the state of california. hurricane warnings extend up the eastern seaboard to mass mags. especially those areas that lie outside the normal boundary of the united states. of the mainland united states. forecasters are not expecting earl, they're not expecting earl to make landfall in north carolina. but they say the hurricane-force winds could extend 90 miles from the center. you'll look at that, chad's going to go that with us and explain why it's a dangerous storm. the issue is how fast it's mov
Sep 30, 2010 1:00pm EDT
>>> that's it for me. hand it over to my good friend, ali velshi. all yours, buddy. >> t.j., have a great afternoon. i'm ali velshi for the next two hours today. every weekday i'll guide you through the maize of information coming your way. together we'll learn what's going on at home and around the world. access to the folks who can explain what it means today and tim pact beyond today. we'll showcase the best ideas in philanthropy and public education. my mission is to help you understand what's going on and how it fits into your life. on the rundown, millions of toys are being recalled by the one of the biggest names in the toy business because they could be danger to your kids. what you need to know. >>> courage in the face of illness. our own dr. sanjay gupta gives us a taste of his new series. "the human factor." an interview with michael j. fox. >>> two former top chef contestants join me here to teach you how to be a top cook in your home. >>> first, big story for you now. two young men with very different outcomes from cyber bullying. no one -- one is not commenting right
Sep 28, 2010 1:00pm EDT
the illness is. but ali, he is there at the hospital right now. >> he's days away from his 86th birthday? >> on friday. he's 85 right now. the 39th president served from 1977 through 1981. >> all right. let's talk about jimmy carter. he's generally thought to be in very good health. he has been traveling around the world. he was in north korea, south korea rescuing somebody who had been in north korea recently. he keeps a very, very busy schedule. >> yes. very active. he is very engaged on the diplomatic front. >> right. >> reporter: whether or not the white house likes it, and sometimes they have not. he also, of course, has been very, very involved in writing, and this latest book "white house diaries" based upon some of the diaries he actually took while he was in the white house. so he's put out many books. this is the latest, and, yes, a very rigorous schedule for somebody who is 85 years old. just about to turn 86. >> all right. at this metro health center a major regional trauma hospital? >> reporter: obviously not the hop we've all heard of. there are so many very famous hospital
Sep 8, 2010 1:00pm EDT
, kabul. >>> unique reporting here on cnn. the cnn "newsroom" continues right now with ali velshi. >> drew, thanks very much. here's what i've got on the rundown. dr. sanjay gupta has an exclusive conversation with angelina jolie, on a u.n. mission to flood-ravaged pakistan. she is witnessing stories of horror, along with stories of true inspiration, and she is going to share them with sanjay. we'll share them with you. >>> plus, bp is out with its explanation of the gulf oil disaster. if you're looking for a flat-out apology or admission of responsibility, you're not going to get it. there is plenty of blame to go around. we'll tell you where the fingers are pointed. and it's clean and efficient and could cut your energy in half, geothermal energy. a company is taking it into the big leagues here in the united states. >>> but first, a big development in the islamic center controversy in new york. the imam behind the controversy, imam faceal abdul rauf will talk with soledad o'brien at 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight. let me give you some background again as to what the story is about. it is an
Sep 11, 2010 1:00pm EDT
to support this $350 illion that the president has announced. i mean, look, democrats here in washington, ali, understand the fact that this isn't going to work. what they' trying to tell their constituents back home is this is a long-term plan. we even heard the presidennt sa that in an interview this week. the economy is in shambles, democrats are in trouble, and we're see some democrats not supporting the president, right now dankreutz says he doesn't want to see any more spending. the republicans have en successful pushing that money. >> diane, if tax cuts are made, which ones are the most effectiveo make and which ones to make right now. and maybe cutting taxes elsewhere. at thispoint in our economy, where we've got a sputtering recovery, and we have a big, big deficit and growing debt, are tax cuts the right thing to be talking about right now? ivities actually, that's one of the things i am in favor of, extending the tax cuts. you don't want to add insill i what will be major tax increases, though not all tax cuts are equal, i don't know that we can get that granular at this stage of
Sep 10, 2010 1:00pm EDT
i'm ali velshi. we're mapping out important information for you to know about today and tomorrow. we'll break down ideas, seek out innovation. we'll give you access and understanding about what is going on in this world, and boy, there's way too much going on in this world for a friday. here's what i've got on the rundown. we are just coming president obama's first full-fledged news conference in nearly four months. the economy, religion, war, peace, he covered it all. we are in fact-checking mode and we'll check in on that. >>> a psychic, angry mob and crocodiles. a bizarre story that combines all of the above. wait until you hear about this. >>> also, i'll talk to an energy expert who says she has a sure-fire way to make america kick its addiction to oil. you are not going to want to hear about it, but i have to tell you about it anyway. >>> from a neighborhood to nothing. let me tell you about the big story we're following right now. a gas explosion. natural gas explosion in the san bruno, california. just next door to san francisco. so far, at least four people are dead. more
Sep 3, 2010 1:00pm EDT
right now. >> i'm ali velshi. here's what's on the rundown. america's unemployment rate takes hire. but the number of new hires beats economists' expectations with private sector gains offsetting government job losses. they're calling it california's taj mahal. and is hands-down, it is the most expensive public school ever built, a price tag of over half a billion dollars. is there a better way to spend that money? and a cnn colleague and aerosmith if a nationalic gets the surprise of his life at his 100th concert. we'll find out if he's worthy. >>> cnn is your hurricane headquarters. we are bringing you the latest on hurricane earl. it is now weakened into a category 1 storm. top winds about 85 miles per hour. it's now moving up the east coast over lashing ghostal north carolina with high winds and 35-foot waves. and this is what you're looking at right now. this is new video that we have just got in. this is in the barrier islands of north carolina. governor bev perdue of north carolina says her state dodged the worst of the storm, dodged a bullet is what she said to us this morn
Sep 10, 2010 11:00pm EDT
king produced attacking fellow democrat sakik, ali running for her seat in the state senate. >> it's either a printing error or proofing error, but there was nothing intentional meant by it at all. this is not about race. >> reporter: the flyer has two photos of ali, one clearly a darker shade than the other. >> if there is something offensive to my opponent on that as far as the darkness or lightness, it was sure nothing that was meant to be offensive by any means. >> i think this flyer is just an effort to try and knock us off our game. >> reporter: from his campaign headquarters delegate ali accuses king of being dishonest about how the mailer came to be. >> there is clearly some kind of manipulation of the image there and other people have noted it. >> reporter: the huffing ton post has written about this, so, too, a blogger who follows maryland politics. a 35-year-old software engineer, ali is from an immigrant pakistani family running for office at a time when talk of burning qur'ans and opening mosques near ground zero in new york city are dominating the news and now this. >
Sep 12, 2010 3:00pm EDT
a massive w plan to jump-start the economy. will it work? i'm ali. christine is off this week. obama is proposing billions of dollars of infrastructure money meant to besed for high-structure rail, building roads, the kind of money you see going to construction workers. $100 billion in an exnsion of tax credit to companies who invest money in research and devepment, and 200 billion as a new tax credit to companies who build physical plants, buildingor invest in equipment. let's go right to diane swan. she is chief economist. putting aside whether this can even get through congress before mid-term elections, is this too little too late, or could this actually work? >> the problem is thert lag tim, particularly on infrastructure projects, are so long that it won't do anything before the end of the year or even in 2011. maybe we'll see something by the end of 2011, but remember, much of the stimulus that was earmarked for infrastructure has not yet been spent. in fact, only 18 mibillion or 1 billion was actually spent. so we still have money in the pipeline d to to help the elficit when
Sep 5, 2010 3:00pm EDT
, but where are the jobs? welcome to "your money." i'm ali, christine is off this week. there is no green in august numbers, in fact, the jobs are down. we lost 54,000 jobs in august, but the private sector, private businesses, companies actually added 67,000 jobs. that is the holy grail. we want companies growing, we don't need government growing. companies growing means that the emphasis on economic growth has fallen where it is supposed to. steven moore is an editorial writer with the wall street journal. he is a respected sparring partner and a good friend of this show. last time you and i talked about jobs, steven, i described it as a glass one-quarter full. i stick with that assessment given today's nudews. you? >> ali, i generally agree with what you say. that's the mother's milk of the economy, so i was enkurnld cour that, and by the way, this report was more positive than others were reporting. the job losses were the result of census workers. those were part-time workers. the thing we need to focus on, ali, we need to generate about 25,000 jobs a month just to keep the unemploym
Sep 18, 2010 1:00pm EDT
they stay or should they go. welcome to "your $$$$$," i'm tom foreman, ali velshi returns next week. the crush question for your money and politicians gearing up for elections. political correspondent and anchor of excellent state of the union. let's talk about the battle lines, where are they being drawn right now as we look towards midterms. >> $250,000 battle line, what we're talking about. those that make above it, at least a household that makes above it and those that make below it. that's where it is. really what this is a battle over is who is more for the middle class. i think that's why you saw john boehner saying if i got a bill that was only for middle class tax cuts of course i would go ahead and vote for it, sort of giving up the store a lot of his fellow republicans fell. it's really about running up to an election who is the most for the middle class. that's where the rhetorical battle is. >> looked like a fracture earlier in the week on the republican side because of what boehner said. then within 48 hours, a fracture on the democratic side. >> yes. first of all you
Sep 6, 2010 1:00pm EDT
.com. it is time to rock and roll. cnn "newsroom" continues right now with ali velshi. >> and thank you for the vest, my friend. it looks fantastic. tony, enjoy your labor day. i'm going to talk about some of the polls that tony was just talking to peter about that are giving republicans the edge. i'm ali velshi, think of me as your news guide for the next couple hours. mapping out information for today and tomorrow, breaking down ideas, seeking out information, about access and understanding. here's what i've got on the rundown. it's the issue that you care the most about and worry the most about. the economy. this afternoon, president obama putting his focus squarely back on it. he's in milwaukee. ed henry is bringing us a special edition of his daily stakeout. plus, one thing about rich sanchez. his new book, he's got some powerful messages for the nation and powerful messages about his own background, what made him the guy he is. he'll share them with us this hour. >>> and robots, cling-ones, super heroes, atlanta is being overrun by them this holiday weekend. we're going to take yo
Sep 14, 2010 1:00pm EDT
with ali velshi in new york. ali? 2:00. >>> thanks, tony. have yourself a great day. >>> going to the polls on one side. old guard republicans slugging it out with upstart tea part activists. most democrats are breathing a little easier, except for a couple of incumbents who still face still challenges, and as this political drama is playing out we are minutes away from president obama's second back-to-school pep talk. he's at the julia r. masterman laboratory and demonstration school in philadelphia. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it begins. this message by the president to students, what a difference a year makes. you recall this time last year a bunch of people were up in arms over mr. obama's first back-to-school speech accusing him of indoctrination trying to ram his political agenda down kids' throats. some parents even refused to let their kids go to school that day. so they didn't have to listen to the president. look, mr. president, stay away from our kids. that's a year ago. for the most part that outcry is not being heard today, largely because it's not very useful. the
Sep 24, 2010 1:00pm EDT
today here at work at cnn, but it's just not the same without ali velshi, so hurry home. take it away from new york city. >> always a pleasure to see you. i'll be back next week. don lemon, have a great afternoon and weekend. i'm here for the next two hours today and every weekday, i'll guide you through the maize of information coming your way. together, we're going to learn what's going on at home and around the world. the impact beyond today and i'll showcase the best ideas in innovation, fi lan throw pi. here's what i've got. his country has seen unspeakable tragedy, but the people are recovering. plus, a bloody crime scene, a baffling mystery. police in new york are hunting for suspects in the slaying of the nicaraguan diplomat. and when you hear the words, congressional hearing, your eyes probably glaze over. not this time. steven colbert and the statement he delivered to lawmakers was not the one he actually delivered. first, i'll start with education. a young entrepreneur donates a ton of money to a struggling school district. in the case of mark zuckerberg, a lot of people se
Sep 13, 2010 1:00pm EDT
newsroom" continues i velshi in new york city. ali? >> tony good to see you. have a great afternoon. i'm ali velshi. tony says, here's what i have on the rundown. imagine looking out of your window and seeing this. i'm going to show you. what people in san bruno, california, saw last week. i'm going to show you more of this horrifying home video. plus a source of energy that supp the northeast for decades. residents say the process of getting this is tainting wer and ruining their lives. comes down to one word. fracking. >>> the technology of touch could change the way we interact with our mobile devices and with one another. i'll show you mind-blowing concepts. >>> first, summer vacation is over for members of congress. midterm elections just around the corner. so as lawmakers flock back to washington for a few short weeks of the people's business, one tax cuts. specifically whether to let the bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 expire, and for whom?l and for how mlong? as youay know, president obama wants to keep the lower tax rates permanently for individuals earning less than
Sep 2, 2010 3:00am PDT
. i mean that's what we really are stressing is community. one last person who is important is ali the head of the merchant association is that this really important relationship because a lot of times the merchants have their agendas. people think and the neighbors have their own. our agenda is the same when we want a safe and caring neighborhood and want a vibrant merchant corridor or shopping area for us and everyone else. so ali will talk about how we work together to create that. and on one of our merchants made our banner for free. that's what you get when you have a strong people in the merchants we support each other. >> everybody still awake. or are you falling asleep after that turkey lunch. i will talk a bit about what merchants and basically how we interact together. there is a lot about pieces of the puzzle. basically one of the things that's helped work in our neighborhood that i think should work in other neighborhoods is the cooperation that exists with the different organizations. wew merchant association and different people running around. we have police officer
Sep 3, 2010 11:00pm EDT
erio d ali mae es un dor y redo de poa fede de mo que deambuor es de tepor el peroo se coca cuand mae te a rediente la ofedel ctor bde ases a un sep -carnadr ro de ni sea ementetronado hete menzar ra anzacc> aman aqge cloo rpretajan ases do quisiemprbe encoda cide h un ult vinormal en italiaro tentanu sueractolladas. hasta el lunes.h@imer itoer impi to buen erh@de semprimer toer i primeractoprimmpactoprimeractopi
Sep 10, 2010 1:05am EDT
: afterlife," the beautiful ali larter is here. [ cheers and applause ] my good friend, and, man, is this guy a hard worker, chef mario batali is joining us. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be talking. we're gonna be cooking, sipping a little vino. and we've got a performance from a legend, everybody. the one and only, whole lot of shaking going on, jerry lee lewis is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ a whole lot of shaking going on shake it, baby, shake it ♪ very excited. [ light laughter ] all right, guys. today's thursday and it's time to "remix the clips." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: now, this is where we take stuff we found on the internet and tv, stuff that's funny, weird or interesting and we have a questlove remix it. there he is right there. [ scattered cheers ] he's always great, always does it live and always entertaining. you get your money's worth. ♪ are you guys fans of the show "amazing race"? i love it. one of my favorite shows. well, i just saw the preview for the new season, it comes out september 26th. i think it's when it comes out. in this preview, one
Sep 9, 2010 1:00pm EDT
will be driving electric cars? >> i think it's going to take a long time, ali. i think our forecast in ten years, 10% of the total sales globally will be made by zero-emission cars, which are electric car for the moment. because it's require as lot of investment. the technology is going to have to develop a lot. but there is today a very strong spontaneous demand for the electric car. we're going to start to mass-market the leaf in december in the united states and in japan. we have already a lot of hand-raisers who are very optimistic. but it's going to be a long road for this technology to be a dominant technology. i think we're talking about 20 or 30 years. >> let's try to get one down here to atlanta. i would like to drive one around and try it out. listen, you have a remarkable advantage, having been born in brazil, working in asia for much of your time. the u.s. remains the dominant automobile marketplace in the world, but it's not the fa fastest-growing marketplace in the world. i know you signed an agreement to build a specific chinese brand of car, a venture in china. tell me where this
Sep 3, 2010 5:30pm PDT
their house and killed their 2-year-old son, ali. ali's mother told us then that they'd wanted to move, but didn't have the money. "i begged my husband to leave the house when the fighting began," she told us, "but he said if we die, we will die together." a viewer bought them a new house, which they proudly showed off to us the other day, along with their new son, also named ali. he looks astonishingly like his older brother. his father told us that despite all he'd been through, he was grateful to american forces for toppling saddam. his wife, however, struck a different note, saying the americans should leave, that they'd killed too many children for nothing. "the death of my son," she said, "left a hole in my heart." dan harris, abc news, baghdad. >>> and still ahead here on "world news" this friday night, the whistle blowers and those tainted eggs. what they saw, what they warned. >>> out of bounds. what was this at the u.s. open? huge fights during tennis? >>> and, later here, did you see this woman? the woman that had so many people wondering during the emmy's this week, who is
Sep 11, 2010 12:00pm PDT
a woman convicted of adultery is facing a death sentence by stoning. ayaan hirsi ali wrote a book about why she left islam. >> i would never use the expression anti-islamic sentiment. i think it's more precise to distinguish between political islam on the one hand and religious islam and spiritual islam. and i have seen, yes, a growing knowledge on political islam, a growing interest in political islam, and a growing condemnation of political islam by more and more americans. i find both american men and women audiences that i speak condemn practices in the name of islam against women, the forced veiling of women, forced marriages of women, the guardian principle. there have been some eye-catching stories, for instance the 18-year old yemeni girl who was married off to an 80-year old man and who managed to escape that. so there is condemnation of these practices and there is condemnation of honor killings, condemnation of female genital mutilation. that is not a command in the koran, but in some obscure hadith, but practiced widely in muslim countries and among muslim immigrants to the
Sep 1, 2010 1:00pm EDT
" continues right now with ali velshi in new york city. doctor. >> tony, change the name of your show to "what's hot." because the whole thing is hot. >> love you, doc. have a great show. >> consider me your news guide. we're mapping out important information for today and tomorrow. breaking down ideas, seeking out innovation. we are about access and understanding and there's a lot to understand. so let's get started. here's what i've got on the rundown. mid east peace talks have been held time and again. they have failed time and again. but the administration thinks this week's round might be different. we'll tell you why. >>> plus, we'll put decades of conflict into perspective for you. you'll be able to explain it to someone else when we're finished. >>> also, schools where the overwhelming majority of teachers are happy and the overwhelming majority of students go on to bigger and better things. they are out there. and you'll meet a guy who says he can turn your child's school into one of them. >>> plus, a long-time political fixture in alaska is out, a virtual unknown is in. and that mea
Sep 2, 2010 6:00am EDT
tell you the first impact on the united states is heavy surf. in terms of power ali was talking about moments ago, 145-mile-an-hour max sustained winds. gusts at 175. and this powerhouse is expected to roar its way to the north. where exactly is it going to go? according to the path of the hurricane center, the storm is expected to make a northerly jog over the next two days. by 2:00 in the morning on friday, should be just east of the outer banks. this thing say huge storm. so many people in the carolina coast dealing with heavy winds, of course, strong surf, tremendous waves. there will be millions without power before all said and done. as the storm is expected to move through, a category 3 storm. early saturday morning, a category 2 storm, perhaps, just off the coast cape cod with winds of 100 miles per hour. keep in mind these storms are very fickle and may jog out closer to shore or push out to sea. we'll be watching that, of course, as we watch the storm trudge its way to the north. >> quick question for you, looking at that map that you've got next to you that cone of uncertai
Sep 7, 2010 1:00pm EDT
. >>> and at the top of the hour, cnn "newsroom" continues with my colleague ali velshi. >> brook, great speaking to you a while ago. have a fantastic day. >>> as brook said, consider me your guide the next two hours. we're breaking down ideas and seeking out innovation. we're about to -- giving you access and understanding what's going on. let's get started. here's what i've got on the rundown. the battle between -- well, the battle about immigration reform continues to play out every day in this country. but today we are going to take a fresh angle, one that translates into dollars and cents. we're going to look at whether this battle is costing the u.s. economy tons of money. >>> plus, you know rick sanchez as the outspoken host of cnn's "rick's list" but did you know he was once an impoverished refugee? i've read his book, we'll talk about it live. >>> and an electric car that goes 307 miles an hour. i know you're not interested in going that fast on the highway any time soon. but the technology behind the buckeye bullet could help build our future cars. i'll talk about that, as well. >>> but
Sep 9, 2010 11:00am EDT
board? i know we're in positive territory and we have been for most of the day. is that correct, ali? it looks like we're off the session highs so far, up 65 points. any numbers on the nasdaq? >> it's because of the jobs. >> so we've got welcome news on the economy today. the weekly jobless report is out. ali, better than expected? >> yeah, substantially better than expected, actually. a lot of people filing for first-time unemployment claims last week. 415,000. >> that's a big number. >> totally big number. it's weird to explain this to people but when you're down under 300,000 a week, it's thought of as not bad. we've been up over 500,000. so this is an improved number. you don't go in with some foregone conclusion. there are things that are not working in the economy, clearly and there are some things that are working. let me show you some things that are working in this economy. four things actually. one of them is farming. the amount of farming goods sold in the last year is the second highest, 2008 was the highest. it's the second highest. largely because there are big economie
Sep 14, 2010 6:00am EDT
now. >> diarrhea, vomiting. >> reporter: 9-month-old baby ali hassan is suffering from severe dehydration. a treatable illness, but one that's claimed the lives of hundreds of flood victims. >> how many diarrhea stools today? >> two times a day. >> two times a day, okay. >> i need a 10 cc syringe. >> do you have the 10 cc syringe? >> no. >> or 20? nothing? what's the biggest. >> almost there, guys. >> reporter: time is critical. baby ali's pulse is getting weaker. dr. dolan immediately starting oral rehydration therapy by syringe. i watch how quickly baby ali responds. >> boom, baby woke up and sits for me as physician, one of the moments i know we saved a life. baby, what about 45 minutes later was sitting up. he was alert. eyes were -- it was, yeah, really magical in a way. >> how dire was that circumstance? >> oh, that baby could have been dead by tonight. >> reporter: for baby ali's worried mother, relief. well enough now to make the journey back home, we followed baby ali for a bit until we reached the end of the road. literally. this is the reality of pakistan in the aft
Sep 3, 2010 6:00am EDT
morning. it's friday. it's september 3rd. i'm kiran chetry. >> and i'm ali velshi. john roberts is off this morning. this storm has wobbled, moved, changed. it's changed classification. the fact is it is still headed across a very large swath of the u.s. coastline. it's got a lot of people worried. >> that's right. right now we're going to update you on exactly where hurricane earl is and where the track of hurricane earl is expected as the day moves on. first, though, a quick update on a security breach that happened at miami's airport. this was earlier this morning. the feds are now confirming that a passenger was taken into custody and that the bomb squad was brought in after a suspicious item was spotted in the baggage screening area. we have our john zarella on it. he's going to be joining us live with the very latest on this investigation in a few moments. >> first let's get to hurricane earl making its move up the east coast. the category 2 storm has weak epd now. it still poses a threat. right now earl is centered about 100 miles off the coast of cape hatteras, north carolina.
Sep 19, 2010 3:00pm EDT
is about to hit theaters. it's called "wall street, money never sleeps." ali velshi sat down with oliver stone and ali asked him how his film captures the financial collapse of lehman brothers and financial fall of bear stearns. >> we have federal reserve board meetings. we have the fall of bear stearns. the idea of rumors being floated that can hurt a firm. there's three rumor montages in the film that show rumor can hurt a company. jimmy cohen at bear stearns went to washington and he said he thought rumors might have had a very big role in the fall of bear stearns. >> when we were reporting on all of this on the financial crisis in 2008, it sometimes felt like we were in a movie. you captured a lot of that using actual track, using things that happened on tv and many of the players involved at the time. and, in fact, i'm hoping my life changes september 24th because you made me a star. i'll show viewers a little clip that had me in it from the movie. >> anyone who doesn't admit that is just kidding themselves. >> you got to look a little hard to find it, but it's there. oliver, you re
FOX News
Sep 18, 2010 9:00pm EDT
and got a film credit working where will smith on the movie ali. after turning down numerous interview requests, we showed up at public teaching workshop he was conducting in irvine, california. >> we were able to provide at least a, based on our expertises on the state standards and the first amendment guide, constitutional guide to teach about world religions. we were able to make those changes in the textbooks. >> can i ask you a quick question? you know, fox news producer? >> no, i can't. >> no? >> i just wanted to ask you a follow-up on what you were just talking about. >> i don't deal with media. and so i wouldn't want to go on the record. because i am not equipped to answer. >> shabbir sees as it a struggle for the hearts and minds of impressionable elementary school students. >> it's not a level playing field at all in american public schools religions. muslims are taught as historical fact whereas christianity and judaism are qualified properly when they talk about christianity jesus is believed to be the messiah. the tone of skepticism on moses claimed to have received the 10
Sep 23, 2010 2:00pm EDT
's president mahmoud ahmadinejad will address the assembly. let's bring in chief ali aruozi. i want to show you what the president had to say in his remarks earlier regarding iran's nuclear program. >> the united states and the international community seek a resolution to our differences with iran, and the door remains open to diplomacy should iran choose to walk through it. but the iranian government must demonstrate a clear and credible commitment and confirm to the world the peaceful intent of the nuclear program. >> so, ali, there was a headline that said will ahmadinejad be the fire to obama's ice? the obvious differences in their personality. what might he say in response to what we heard from the president earlier zm. >> he certainly toned down his rhetoric on this visit. iran is under intense pressure right now over the nuclear program, human rights issues. we'll see which way ahmadinejad is going to play this. if he'll have the usual attack on israel, always putting him under more pressure under the international community. or whether he'll try to tone things down and possibly make a d
Sep 22, 2010 10:00pm EDT
are more like family than neighbors. >> we couldn't have got in. >> reporter: 24-year-old ali anderson holding her 2 month old daughter was seen handing her children out of a second story window one by one to her children out of a second story window one by one to their uncle below. her 8-year-old daughter, 6-year-old son and baby girl all made it out alive. >> they were crying, they were scared. >> reporter: neighbors say they saw ali go back for the other two. >> i heard her screaming out. we went for the front door. we couldn't go in because the flame was so high and a lot of smoke, and we went to the glass door with the painting. >> reporter: ali, along with her youngest boys, 5-year-old solomon and 3-year-old alfonso, were not seen again. >> how can get out of that? honestly, it's heart broken. ain't nothing you could do about it. >> reporter: fairfax county officials have not released the names of anyone in the fire. the medical examiner will make the official ids, but this community of families doesn't have to wait. they say they're already grieving for two little brothers and t
Sep 2, 2010 2:30am PDT
presunto atacante del futbolista salvador cabaÑas. "krupskaia alis" tiene el informe. ---los legisladores de california dejaron la puerta abierta para que la gente esÉ armada en lugares publicos.---el senado aprobo la medida "ab 1934" por un margen muy estrecho, pero los asambleistas rechazaron el proyecto.---la medida pretendia convertir en delito el llevar un arma a un sitio publico.---la ley actual Ólo permite llevar pistolas o rifles enfundados y sin municion... tras la votacion de hoy, las personas podran tener sus armas a la vista en cualquier sitio. ---y mientras los dueÑos de las armas de fuego se anotaron una victoria, los defensores del medio ambiente se llevaron una gran desilusion.---los legisladores estatales rechazaron una medida que hubiera prohibido las bolsas de plastico en todo california. ---la medida queria que, a partir del aÑo 2012, las cadenas de tiendas y supermercados dejaran de darles bolsas de plastico a sus clientes.---medidas similares ya existen en san francisco, y en varias ciudades de california y de estados unidos, pero hasta ahora no existe una ley de
Sep 21, 2010 2:30am PDT
albergues para evitar la propagacÓn de enfermedades. ---"krupskaia alis" nos envio el siguiente reportaje. supers - 00:19 felipe calderon --mas de seis millones de mexicanos de la capital, recordaron con un simulacro a las victimas del terremoto de 1985.--el sismo de aquella maÑana del 19 de septiembre, tuvo una magnitud de 8.1 y mato a miles de personas. --cientos de edificios terminaron hechos escombros y otros mas con serios daños. --25 aÑos despÉs, el riesgo de un nuevo movimiento telurico de gran magnitud es una realidad, y pese a los avances en materia de proteccion civil y codigos de construccion, muchos capitalinos dicen no sentirse 100 por ciento preparados para enfrentar un nuevo desastre. veamos un adelanto de la accion deportiva con bernardo osuna..= ausos] ¡chévere! ¿papi, podemos hacer eso con nuestras cuentas? hijo, no hay solución mágica cuando uno tiene deudas, pero saber qué hacer y en quién confiar puede ser muy importante. [narradora] para obtener ayuda gratis en español, llame al 1-800-682-9832 o visite termineconsudeuda punto o-r-g. un mensaje de servicio
Sep 12, 2010 11:00am EDT
could soon come home on about a half million dollars bail. nbc's ali arouzi is joining us from london and with a good day to you a story we're eager to see the outcome of, any news from tehran, ali? >> well, it's the news we've been hearing since the last few days. there's been so many twists and turns in this story. friday the president's announcement she was going tohee freed on saturday and then tehran's chief prosecutor overturned that and then the chief prosecutor gave a press conference saying as long as she pays the $500,000 bail she can go home. she has to face trial. the chief prosecutor said josh fattal and shane bauer will have to remain in jail until their trial. that has been cleared up more. there was speculation in tehran that maybe all three of them would get released together. this is why it's been delayed. but he put that rumor to rest, saying that the other two will have to remain in prison for now. >> and ali,we understand that the reasoning behind sarah's release, at least in part if it happens, bau because of her deteriorating health. what do you know about that?
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